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Joes Ginger

Joes Ginger
113 Mott St, New York 10013
Btwn Canal & Hester St

After reading reviews on this site and others, my GF and I decided to try this place. The whole experience was strange, uncomfortable, and completely overrated.

We walk in and they seat us at a table directly in front of the door and right next to the register. We sit down for a second and i ask the hostess if we can change out seats as it was very cold and drafty where we were. They said OK no problem they had to clear a table off for us. We continued to sit at our current table waiting. As they finish a group of 4 people come in and the same hostess just seats them down there and completely ignore us. We decide to stay where we were seated instead of leaving because of what we read about the food, but that was a problem.

We order 3 dishes. Smoked fish (the NYT writeup said it was good), Shredded Eel and Yellow chives, Drunken Crabs.

The waiter who didn’t speak any English, tried to convey that they didn’t the drunken crabs, fine we would have to order something else, the waiter wouldn’t leave us until we ordered something else. We order calamari with black bean sauce.

Still no water or tea at this point, they bring us the smoked fish, which was full of bones. No problem bones we can deal with bones.

Finally got some tea and water when the waiter came back to tell us they didn’t have the shredded eel. This time we told him to come back in 5 minutes. We were pissed at this point. We decide to just get what everyone else around us and order soup dumplings. Our waiter never came back so I stop someone and ask them for 1 order of crab soup dumplings. He didn’t seem to understand what “id like 1 order of crab soup dumplings” means because he had to confer with someone else just to re ask if we had order it already.

Finally we get all our food and the only really enjoyable thing was the soup dumplings.

Oh yeah, i almost forget to mention that a entire group of people at another table would not stop staring at me and my girl. Even after saying out loud, “are these people staring at us?” They wouldn’t stop. Very weird.

Even though our bill totaled 24 dollars, over all, it sucked.

Dankster Rating: 1/10

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One Response to “Joes Ginger”

  1. Hmmm… soup dumplings eh? I had soup dumplings in teh city a long time ago but couldnt remember where they came from. Is it possible they came from this place? They were mad good and apparently this place is known for their soup dumplings.

    I guess if this is the case, thats ALL they are known for!

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