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“Kind Plus” Bar – Almond & Cashew Review

This morning I tested the first item from our NY Fancy Food Show Bounty, the “Kind Plus” – Almond & Cashew flavor.
From kindsnacks.com

“Almond & Cashew is delicious, all-natural, gluten-free and dairy-free. This healthy snack bar is a rich source of fiber, low in sodium, and contains no trans fat.”


The “Plus” part of the equation means the it has a bonus nutrtional elemant added to it.  The Almond & Cashew has Omega-3 fatty acids as it’s plus ingredient.

“Almond & Cashew is the perfect choice for health-conscious nut lovers. This KIND bar is enhanced with flaxseed that provides the ALA form of Omega-3’s, which then converts in the body to EPA and DHA forms of Omega-3.”

The flavor of this bar is VERY good.  It tasted lightly sweet and very nutty.  Sometimes nutty granola or snack bars can be dry and brittle, but this Kind bar was soft and very moist without being overly sugary.  You can really taste the natural ingredients and it certainly tastes as good as those fatty and high calorie candy bars.

This flavor has the lowest carb count of their entire line.  It only has 11g of carbs which makes this a great option for Type 1 Diabetics and health junkies.

Overall, I would recommend eating these in the morning if you are on the go or on the way to work.  It would also work as an afternoon snack to help beat that 3:00pm slump.  I would recommend this product to friends and family and  I plan on buying a box to keep in the house.

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2 Responses to ““Kind Plus” Bar – Almond & Cashew Review”

  1. [...] I would not buy this one again.  I enjoyed the Almond & Cashew one much better.  Come back tomorrow to see how the last sample holds [...]

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